Super Sale! Save up to 25% on Complete Systems Now!

Super Sale! Save up to 25% on Complete Systems Now!

New About SuperCloset

SuperCloset, also known as SuperPonics, is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains a perfect A+ rating, surpassing any other company in the hydroponics industry. SuperCloset is known as the leading manufacturer of Automated Superponic Grow Systems and Grow Boxes in the world.  We have won several awards for our innovating and revolutionary designs and are continually researching ways to build upon our already successful systems!  SuperCloset is dedicated to spreading the incredible advantages of growing hydroponically and harvesting local and sustainable foods and herbs.   Growing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices is one of the best ways to help our environment, as well as your health.
Based in beautiful San Francisco, California, SuperCloset is home to the best Indoor Hydroponic Grow Cabinets and Vertical Growing Systems in the World. San Francisco provides the perfect environment for SuperCloset; combining innovative and imaginative ideologies with progressive methods of harvesting local, sustainable, and organic products! We’re right at home in the Bay!
Founded by CEO Kip Andersen in 2002, literally in his garage, SuperCloset has quickly become the industry leader within the Hydroponic Cabinet and Indoor Gardening Community.  We have a highly trained and seasoned crew that works around the clock to ensure the highest quality cabinets and fully automated SuperPonics and VerticalPonics systems possible.
In addition to being the ONLY Better Business Bureau accredited member with an A+ rating in our industry (as of October 2010),  we are also the winner of 2008’s Best Cabinet of the Year award, Best Overall System in 2009, and Best Budget Grow Box for our SuperLocker in 2010.  With all of these accolades, our reputation quite obviously precedes us.  We work 1-on-1 with all of our customers ensuring that their needs and expectations are exceeded with effectiveness and efficiency.

Why Grow With SuperCloset?

For many people who are just starting into the realm of hydroponics, things can be a little overwhelming. “What does all of this mean? How is it all put together? Where do I even start?!?” The most common question is of course, “How do I get the best system for my money?” when really the questions should be, “How do I determine which system will best satisfy my growing goals and help me stay within my budget?”
These are common worries that will stop a beginner in their tracks, and like most complicated systems and designs, the answers are all in the details.
In addition to our FAQ page listed on this site, we have also compiled a list to help customers with terminology and descriptions.
Details are incredibly important when growing your own plants indoors. Creating the perfect environment and grow space is incredibly difficult because there are so many factors involved. Measuring the room, airflow, watering systems, temperature, humidity, filtration, nutrient balance, pH levels, searching for perfectly air-cooled lights, cross air ventilation, an optimal hydroponics system, having it be fully automated, properly air-filtered, light-tight, secure, that has “infra-cool” cabinets that are cool to the touch, along with a beautiful clean look and quality, as well as the thousand other variables, is extremely time consuming and downright expensive. Who has that sort of time?!
Look no further! You’ve come to the right place because SuperCloset has already done the work for you. We have been building the highest quality systems for over 10 years and SuperCloset grow boxes, grow rooms and hydroponic systems are the “#1 selling Hydroponic Grow Cabinets in the World!” Our products are designed for the beginner as well as the pro, and all of our systems come with everything you need to get started, so plug it in and add water! SuperCloset guarantees you grow MORE growth with much better QUALITY for several reasons:
Most of our systems are bigger: Ours are 24″ deep versus their 18″ deep, yielding an entire 9 more cubic feet of growing space depending on which system you select. You’ll have a bigger, better, and faster growth rate because our systems have the ideal amount of airflow (an experienced grower will tell you that “proper air-flow is everything”). There is no risk of mold or mildew, which is very common with lesser quality products.
SuperCloset grow boxes and grow rooms use LESS ENERGY (up to 12% less energy and fewer power surges) due to our special digital ballasts. Added features include an Internal Circulation Fan for optimal airflow and a Net Trellis that allows you to support and tie down your plants. Just those two bonuses can help produce up to 50% more!!! Our systems come with better lights — Full Spectrum, LED’s, or Fluorescent bulbs, depending on the system.
All of our products come with a 1-Month Warranty. Every purchase comes with Lifetime Customer, Technical, and Grow Support. Our staff of Indoor Gardening Experts will transform you into a Hydro Guru before long.

How else is SuperCloset changing the world?

SuperCloset’s goals include assisting cities and towns with the production of a local, sustainable, and organic food supply by utilizing its expertise and knowledge of SuperPonics, VerticalPonics, rooftop farming, DHA Algal Oil production, organic farming, community composting, peaceful and sustainable vegetarian aquaponics, and recycled rain harvesting. This synergism will bloom and thrive outdoors as well as in massive indoor greenhouses, growing bountiful quantities of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, which can serve as supply for cities’ local grocery stores, farmers markets, homes, and restaurants. The ability to feed entire populations with these methods is a feasible possibility and it is SuperCloset’s mission to turn this notion into a reality.
SuperCloset donates a portion of company profits to various non-profit organizations, with an emphasis on those that help animals and support peaceful sustainable living.  Animals United Movement (A.U.M) is a new non-profit, founded in 2010, which promotes peaceful and sustainable living, and serves as a voice for all animals, focusing mainly on farm animals.  Look out for their new documentary that follows several journeys that includes two self-proclaimed meat eaters adopting a vegetarian diet for 45 days to determine the impact that it has on them, as well as the world. Stay tuned for updates on the documentary as well as other giant SuperPonic urban garden developments.  Please contact your local politician and local decision maker to set up your very own community urban garden. We support you in your pursuit of becoming one of the first fully self-sustainable town/housing developments in the United States!
SuperCloset also supports, the University of California San Francisco Women and Children’s Hospital, and The American Heart Assocation. More information can be found at:

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