I had the pleasure of speaking with one of your fantastic representatives, Nathan, and it was one of the best customer service experiences of my life. I bought one of your products a couple months back and am at the harvest stage. This is my first time growing so this is all new to me. I called with a general idea of what I was planning on doing for the harvesting and curing stage, but Nathan really made everything make sense. I also ran across an unusual situation with one of my plants and he also offered good theories on why my plant is reacting a certain way. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. He was an extremely valuable resource and having a person like him available really gives your company the competitive advantage. I will recommend you to friends and family.

Andrew – 7/12/2017

Wow!  Just got my order.  Holy fast shipping Batman.  But what’s even more impressive is your product!  I didn’t expect something that looked like it was put together by an amateur (aka me), but I also didn’t expect such high high quality.  I figured it would be a good product, but you exceeded my expectations in every way.  This is the kind of thing I would want to build if I were capable of it so thank you very much and well done.


“As a new grower I couldn’t be happier with my closet. What’s most impressive is the closets ability to maintain the exact right environment for my plants. The temperature & humidity is always perfect. Even as the plants reach new stages of growth the closet some how manages to adjust to keep things just the way the plants need it to.

The reason I wanted to contact Supercloset today was to let you know one of your employees just saved my crop. This is my first & I have a lot to learn. No matter how easy the closet makes growing there’s nothing it can do to remedy human error. My plants were dying. I was using a certain nutrient wrong and no amount of reading or googling was bringing me any answers. I emailed Matt Price and here we are less than a week later and my girls are 100% back on track and flourishing! I am eternally grateful to Matt for his knowledge, willingness to help & just plain old friendliness as well as Supercloset for living up to all you promised.

We are planning to purchase a soil tent and wouldn’t consider any other company than Supercloset.  Thank So Much”

Tiff – 2/27/2017

“Smart design and excellent quality of materials. Running the same strain of umm ‘Tomatoes’ as have before, at week 3 they girls are the size i had at week 5 last grow. Simply put you will increase yield and it will knock off time between harvests. You would have to try to screw up to not have a good result with this gear.”

Robert L.

First grow pretty much came close to paying for this little box:) I did have some problems, but what makes a great company is the customer service after you buy something, and these folks have GREAT customer service. My work is related to customer service, so my expectations are pretty high. Matt Price met and exceeded my expectations.

Only thing I would do different is get a bigger box, which I hope to do down the road. This stuff looks expensive up front, but if you put in the work, follow the instructions, ask these folks questions (and I asked a lot), it will pay for itself in a pretty short period of time, in my humble opinion.  Very Satisfied Customer. Keep up the good work.


Recently I placed an order for the Super Cabinet. I worked initially with Anthony and later with Matt, and finally both of them.
I’ve been doing business at the corporate level since Moses was a corporal. I know the corporate world. Previously as an acquisition consultant, I’ve been exposed to Fortune 500 companies all the way down to very small 2 man operations.
It has been and will continue to be a real pleasure working with your company and these gentlemen. They are professional, upbeat, solution oriented and knowledgeable.
That added to the fact that your grow boxes are second to none…the competition must feel rather uncomfortable knowing you’re out there.

Thanks again for your outstanding service.

Michael B.

“The deluxe cabinet arrived on time and everything was as described. It’s definitely a good idea to have a friend around to help you receive it and put it into place. Also, depending on how far you have to move it, you may want to empty the contents out before the moving it.
The instructional PDFs and links that I received when it shipped were/are extremely helpful! Also, Matt at SuperClosets has be incredibly helpful! Top-caliber customer service! I have emailed him several times with questions and I always hear back from him in a timely manner and receive the advice that I was seeking. That sort of customer service is greatly appreciated when you are still learning the ins and outs of your cabinet.
I would highly recommend this company and this product.”



“So far, So good! 5 weeks into flower and results are great! Heat is down by 14 degrees easily.”

R. Strong

“You guys are awesome! From your straight up wealth of knowledge of growing indoors to the killer equipment you carry and your customer service is BY FAR BETTER THAN ANYWHERE ELSE IVE DONE BUSINESS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  P.S. The only other issue is loading my coffee beans into burlap sacks with my donkey so excited!

Juan V.

“One thing goes without saying, OUTSTANDING customer service so far, your response time is fantastic, and I now have all the info I need and more.”


“I’ve seen and heard great things from the 16 spot SuperPonic system and i cant wait to get started with it.  I appreciate the rapid response.  Great to know people still care about customer service!”

Ryan – California

“Just wanted to let you know how things are going now that I have had my Trinity and dryer for the past 2 months.  I have been able to produce some amazing results with herbs along with vegetables and I’m hoping to soon add some fruit or berries to the mix as well.  Thank you so much for all your great work into producing such a great product.  Please let everyone there know they are doing a wonderful job and to keep up the great work!!

Andrew – California

“Thanks for your quick replies and detailed answers to ALL my questions.  Already have a good feeling about you guys just from your friendly, quick, detailed, and honest answers to all my questions.”

Rodney – Texas 

“Thanks again for everything.  It’s awesome when you guys have the best complete system on the market and the customer service to back it up!”

Sponge – New York – 3/23/12

“Just wanted to say MY SUPER LOCKER IS AMAZING and so easy to use!  Thanks again.”

Carlos – Texas – 3/16/12

“You guys over there at SuperCloset have been great throughout every step of the process and have helped me numerous times with my grow and non – grow questions.
I can’t say enough good things about you, your product, and your team.  I’m AMAZED at how well my plants are doing after just two weeks.”

Steve – Massachusetts – 3/12/12

I wish I knew more people to tell about this “innovation in grower – ship”

“Rory, thank you so very much for getting that ICF out so quickly!  You guys are all a SUPERteam over there at SuperCloset!!!  Your ‘SuperPonics’ system is remarkable so far and I can’t wait to watch my plants grow and grow.  I’m amazed over and over again every day.  Thanks again for everything!”

B – New Jersey – 3/9/12

“I appreciate your courteous and helpful service.  Look forward to doing future business with your company.”

Richard – California – 3/5/12

“Great product as advertised!  My veggies are lean, mean, and GREEN!  I love my SuperCloset 2.0.”

Carlos – Utah – 2/28/12

“Oh my God!!!  Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!  I can’t explain how unbelievably eager I am to begin!  I don’t care if I have to play sick or call in dead or whatever.  I don’t know what else to say but you guys are the greatest ‘Super – Team’ ever.”

Brian – Connecticut – 2/17/12

“Just wanted to drop you a line and give you some positive feedback.  Your company earns every dollar it makes.  This is the most simple and effective system ever. Unbelievable growth rate.  Wowowowowowow.  Kudos Rory : – )”

Richard – Georgia – 2/8/12

“Thank you so much for all your help and time you have spent assisting me in making the purchase that best suits me!  Also, an additional ‘THANK YOU!!!!!’ on my behalf because my wife was happily suprised by the new lower total!  Thanks again for all you guys do.”

Andy – California – 1/30/12

“Thanks a lot Rory.  You will definitely be hearing from me at the end of Feb.  I have done tons of research and you guys by far have the best product out there.”

Rob – Kentucky – 1/30.12

“Hello.  Just finished up with my first cycle that I started very DIY.  After implementing the SuperCloset Deluxe 2.0 , the cycle finished up with great results for a first timer. I don’t get all the haters on the forums.  I didn’t have to figure out distances and lumens v. footage and pump size and flow etc.  I just followed the directions and asked a few questions and boom….results!   Very stoked about my SuperCloset.”

Vera – Michigan – 1/27/12

“I would like to make you aware of the exceptional job Tyler did the other day.  I came all the way from Texas to visit your business and I will certifiably attest that it was a very positive experience.  He was engaging, knowledgeable, friendly, and a prime example of satisfying customer service. It’s service like this that will make me a lifelong SuperCloset customer.”

Reece – Texas – 1/26/12

“I bought one of your systems because I have a friend that has one and I saw first – hand how great they work.   One trip to the grocery store for a few genetically grown peppers with no nutritional value at $2.50 a pepper and $4.00 for a head of organic lettuce gives a lot of folks good reason to buy one of these.  I love fresh salads and the fact that I can have my fresh vegetables on a daily basis without pesticides, without driving to the store, with a hydroponic system that fits nicely in the corner of my laundry room, and I can leave it for a week to take a trip, gives me just a few good reasons to love this system.  I’ve had mine now for almost a year and I love it.  Yes it was pricey, but the price more than compensates for the convenience of a daily trip to the grocery store, so it fits my needs and works flawlessly.”

Ruth – Pennsylvania – 1/23/12

“Eric was a great help. You guys have great products and service, keep up the great work!”

Heather – Arizona – 1/23/12

“Thank you for all the great support!”

Ben – Tennessee – 1/16/12

“My SuperCloset arrived last Friday right on schedule.  I inventoried everything and it was complete, and it was a snap to set up.  Thanks for great customer service, I really appreciate it.”

J – Oregon – 1/9/12

“Rory you were so right.  I am off to a great start!”

Robert – Florida – 12/30

“Thanks to Eric for the great support and honest answers to what may or may not have been dumb questions.  Have a Merry Christmas SC peeps!  And thanks for everything.”

Santiago – Washington – 12/24

“Hi Rory, Wanted to sincerely wish you and all your staff a very Merry Christmas and happy and safe prosperous New Year!!!  (If I was computer literate I would send ya one of those xmas e cards but I m not.)  Wanted to likewise thank you, and especially Tyler and Eric, they have been really helpful in all my many questions, and very patient and just plain nice!

C.S. – California – 12/20

“You Guys are GREAT!!!  Excellent customer service!!  Thank you, we will be calling you on the 9th of September for our purchase.”

Breon – Kentucky – 09/11

“Thank u guys so much.  So far great help with the shipping/order.  5 stars!”

Kelly – New York – 08/11

“Sir, thank you for your response, it is quite amazing to receive a response so quickly, and from the C.O.O. no less.  Should you guys need a testimonial from a consumer please feel free to let me know, as beside the shipping issue that you are taking care of there is nothing left but an amazing product.  I’m already looking to see if there are any other purchases I can make through your company, and I’m working real hard to convince my friends how great things are, but simply being able to point to my purchase and show results is saying a lot more than I ever could.  Thank you, and good luck!”

Mason – Oklahoma – 08/11

“Rory, Thank you for your prompt reply and excellent technical advice.  I have been researching grow boxes for about a month now and your company leads the pack by a considerable margin.”

Gregory – New York – 08/11

“I would definitely like to make the order.  I’ve searched everywhere but to no avail.  You guys make a great product!  I’ve only owned my Superlocker for about 2 weeks and plans are already set to save up and purchase the Deluxe.  I’m even convincing a buddy of mine to clear out a room of soil growth and purchase a couple himself so he can have his mind blown.  It just makes things so easy and brings some of the fun back to indoor growing.  I’d high five everybody working in your building if I could! Great work!”

Khachon, Part #2 – Texas – 07/11

“Hello, I recently purchased and received a SuperLocker 2.0.  Though it’s only been about a week, I have to say I absolutely love it so far.  It looks inconspicuous next to my computer and that makes me a happy panda.  Awesome!”

Khachon – Texas – 07/11

“How you doing?  Hope all is good.  Just a quick thank you for the Supercloset, I received it all.  Please tell Erik thanks for helping me with wonderful service.  I will be doing more business with you guys.  Thanks again.”

Nikki – Washington – 07/11

“Rory, I wanted to thank you very much, for all your help…exceeded all expectations, my marriage is still intact.  I can’t wait for my first tomato harvest!!  I’ll be touch.  Thanks, again…”

Chuck – Nevada – 07/11

“I am sold on this Trinity system.  It is laid out well and in one shot so everything is there where you need it.  I am super happy with the SuperPonics, it’s really fast and working well.”

Doug – Louisiana – 07/11

“Thank you very much, Rory, for your prompt and courteous response.  I always recommend your company to all my friends.  Take care.”

Riley – Vermont – 06/11

“Thanks again for everything!  All I can say is 10 days and WOW!”

Jason, Part #2 – Colorado – 06/11

“Everything is perfect and going great in my two cabinets.  Thanks guys for all the help!”

Peter – New York – 06/11

“Thanks again for your time!  I am on the edge of my seat!  Things are already taking OFF!  Great product!!!  Keep up the good work!  Thank you all!”

Jason – Colorado – 06/11

“Thank you.  You guys/gals are awesome ^_^”

Casey – Kentucky – 06/1

“Thank you so much for your time and courtesy, it is greatly appreciated.  I will recommend Supercloset to everyone I know.  Thanks again and have a great day.”

Larry – New Mexico – 05/11

“If you are interested in a state – of – the – art growing environment with maximum yield for your investment then SuperCloset Big Buddha Box is for you!  I have not seen or used a better hydroponic system ever.”

Jim – Pennsylvania – 05/11

“I just wanted to say, thank you very much!  My locker is awesome and in perfect condition.  I was actually very surprised when I got it because it was 24″ deep instead of 19″ and well, bigger is always better!  Thanks again!”

Mark – Canada – 07/10

“Thanks, you guys rock!!!  I cant wait, I’m so excited.  Trust i will recommend other friends.”

Josh – Colorado – 07/10

“Very good with the order, thanks man!!!  As a business owner, you sometimes only hear all the bad stuff, but
now it’s the good!  It works perfectly and I’m very happy with my Trinity, thank you, Kip !!!!”

Sean – Georgia – 06/10

“Hi, this e – mail is directed to the staff of Super Closets.  I appreciate all the help that you provided with
regard to the delivery of my Trinity.  Thank you for going out of your way to get the product to me.  You’re extra
efforts and considerable expense to deliver the cabinets is to be admired.”

George – Illinois – 06/10

“I want to thank you very much, I have rarely been treated so well by any company.  Your product is beyond
what I expected, already well on my way.  Again thanks, and thank your team.”

Ricky – Wisconsin – 06/10

“Hey, thanks for your time and promptness.  I love this cabinet.  It’s awesome and I’ll definitely be buying a larger one in the near future.  I haven’t went hydro yet, just soil, and the results are great.  Good day and I hope your business gets better and stronger.  Thanks you so much.”

Kelly – Georgia – 06/10

“I must say, so far I am very impressed!   As far as I can see everything is there.  I’ve just been checking fuses and electrical hook – ups.  Making sure everything is up to specs.  I have been watching the DVD and reading the instruction and am pleased with the level of detail you guys offer.  I’ll get back with an update in a few weeks. Thanks again for the great service.”

Christopher – Michigan – 06/10

“Really, wow that is awesome, you are awesome!  Thanks, you rock!!”

Joe – Texas – 06/10

“I’m your very happy customer on Maui, HI. Its been 3 – 4 months with my Deluxe system. Extremely happy, have learned A LOT, I’m very good at what I’m doing, and its close to finishing a second harvest.

Gary – Hawaii – 05/10

“Un – frigging – believable.  I didn’t have much faith, but I was wrong again.  That little unit is working beautifully.  I’m stoked.  Thanks so much for you great help.  You were so right when you said “let’s take this one step at a time, instead of rushing into changing everything” or something to that effect.  A wise trouble shooter you are. Excellent, sir.  I will stay in touch to let you know how I’m doing.  I’m the proverbial happy camper this morning.  That’s it for now.  It’s a great thing having access to you guys.”

Michael – California – 05/10

“I wanted to have a system like yours, I was going to buy a SuperCloset from you, but I thought a system from one of your competitors would be better.  It turned out to be a waste of money, as it’s been sitting in my room doing nothing because of the amount of noise the fans make.

I am now wanting a SuperCloset.  I just would prefer to order from someone who seems to know what they’re doing.”

Lance – British Columbia – 05/10

“Thank you very much for the response.  The unit is working very well.  Any comments I make in the forums has, and will, reflect that fact.”

Donald – New York – 05/10

“Awesome man.  You are right, I am super excited about my little closet of joy!  Thank you very much for your cooperation.  Have a GREAT day!”

Matt – California – 05/10

“I think I’m finally getting tuned into this unit.  Things are growing like crazy.  I love it.”

Michael – California 05/10

“Good man, thanks for the intel.  This closet is a really heady project.  I’m very well on my way to my first hydro grow.  My plants are blowing up like Justin Beiber.  I’m learning new things all the time, that book you recommended was solid.  Thanks for your help, I’m very satisfied with my product. If you are a SF giants fan please let me know.  Let me know if you have any interest, we are always “ATT” the park, as it were, so we always have room for +1.”

Colton – California – 05/10

“Thank You, I received my locker.  It seems 2 b a beauty.”

Pary – California – 05/10

“Hi, I think that your unit’s are among the best possible tools for achieving optimal health.”

Lance – Florida – 04/10

“Thank you, appreciate the fast response. can’t wait to get growing!”

Karl – California – 04/10

“This is Gary, your extremely satisfied customer on Maui, HI.  I think my SuperCloset Deluxe is one of the
most wonderful items I’ve ever purchased.  You guys have really done an outstanding job at putting this all
together with very high quality components.  I LOVE the Cloner! Best regards!”

Gary – Hawaii – 04/10

“Thanks for the great product.  My Super Locker was easy to assemble and get started.”

Amber – Mississippi – 04/10

“Thank – you, the closet works great!  Thank – you, again.”

Mark –California – 04/10

“I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been absolutely delighted with the results!  Maybe I’m just lucky (the tap water ph here seems about perfect, and it doesn’t drift!), or maybe, with your cabinet, it’s just not at all tricky as some say hydro can be. So, ‘THANK YOU!’  I’ve learned a bunch on this first go – round.  I am astounded with the yield that is shaping up, and this is with the basic nutes you shipped, period.  Per your suggestion I decided not to fool with CO2 the first time and know a lot more about habits and training for the next cycle. (The net has not only saved the grow, but seems to be doing a SCROG thing, and this is only 4 plants!  I had started six clones, but one of the strains went completely gaga and threatened to take over the planet, so I yanked those two.  So, I have high hopes of improving from here, and it seems a slam – dunk that I’ll be able to grow all of my own. Wow! I feel like I am in on the greatest secret on the planet now!  This is fun and oh so economical.  Damned I might go for something else next.”

Richard – California – 04/10

“I’m a relative newbie, and first – time hydroponic grower – not that I’ve done much of any kind of gardening apart from a few outdoor vegetables some summers.  I bought a SuperCube cabinet that was delivered mid – February.

The grow cab is excellent and will recommend to my friends!!!!!!”

Mike – California – 04/10

“Thank you for your reply, and I wasn’t sure how long it was, but thank you for getting back to me, customer service is A – 1 in my book.”

Isham – Michigan – 04/10

“Kip and all your company, I would like to thank – you all.  The product is all you said it was.  6 1/2 weeks into flower and it looks fantastic, thank – you again.”

Mark –Washington – 04/10

“Things are going great!  Got the procyon cooking and the wild bunch is enjoying summer on Mars!  This is just the bee’s knees… thanks again!”

Paul – Massachusetts – 03/10

“Thanks a ton, everything is running smoothly now.  This ballast is a great improvement.  Keep on improving on a great product.”

Mike –Florida – 03/10

“Hey, just wanted to send a quick thanks, thanks again for the business.  Good day!”

Jon –Nebraska – 03/10

“I think u guys r great – things are goin’ well – hopefully u guys r so busy.  lookin’ forward.”

Will – Texas – 03/10

“Great, thank you.  You guys are great.  We’ll be sure to send you a few more customers.”

Justin – Oregon – 03/10

“Hey, just letting you know that I received my SuperCloset on Monday and was impressed!  The packaging was good and nothing was damaged.  Thanx again to all on the SuperCloset team!”

Steve – Conneticut – 03/10