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World’s #1 Selling Grow Cabinets!

Choose Your Grow Medium

SuperPonics Hydroponic System


Hydroponics yield higher quality harvests, and faster growth helps reduce overall harvest time. All our hydroponic systems use SuperPonics’ award-winning triple hydro design (deep water culture, automated top feeding, and bubble/AeroPonics).

Soil Pots


Growing with soil is a familiar and forgiving method of indoor gardening. Soil growing can be a slower method but is the most cost effective way to get started. Our soil kits include durable food safe plastic pots and moisture meters.

4'x8' Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty


Our Core Systems offer the basic setup including the grow tent, light(s), in-line fan, carbon filter, and ducting. These do not include the growing medium, PH kits, power outlets, clip fans, etc. These systems are ideal for growers looking to expand their setup.