What Separates Us From The Competition?

The Watering System – SuperPonics

Common low-grade systems include a set up known as NFT drip. Most other systems on the market use this method regardless of the size, height, and stage of the plant. While this can be effective, an NFT drip is quite temperamental and must be watched very carefully during every stage of the growth cycle. Some companies only use one type of system (usually deep water culture OR NFT drip). The plants and roots in these systems can get too hot, form mildew, or just die after only a month if you’re not careful. When growing plants either bigger than 1 ½ ft (or older than 6 weeks) many times the roots start overcrowding and tangling, which can then develop root rot (appears as a brown, slimy mass, when the roots should be white). Many companies only show their plants in the beginning stages of root growth because the roots don’t stay white for very long in that environment. There is also a much higher chance of failure due to a potential electrical outage, pH imbalance, or even the wrong nutrient mixture.

All SuperCloset systems use what is known as the SuperPonic method. SuperPonics is the fusion of Deep Water Culture, Aeroponic, and Top Feed all in a single system. The nutrient-rich water circulates throughout via an industrial grade water pump and drainage system and has been tested and developed in our shop for years. SuperPonics perfectly balances the amount of water your plants need and provides much-needed oxygen to the roots at all times. It has been time tested, works for every stage of growth, and is the easiest type of watering system to use! SuperPonics has been custom molded and designed for use in our systems and grows plants phenomenally fast.

SuperPonics is unique to SuperCloset and is an exclusive highlight. It is just one of the many reasons why SuperCloset wins “Best Overall System” year after year. As Growing Pro says, “Pay attention to the SuperCloset details and features, they all matter!”

SuperPonics is the combination or fusion of two or more proven hydroponic methods.

SuperCloset has the only systems on the market with the following:

Airflow Circulation

Airflow is EVERYTHING, and SuperCloset’s airflow configuration produces the appropriate amount of CFM (compared to competitors grow cabinets) resulting in stronger, healthier plants. Proper airflow is critical to not stressing your plants and keeping internal heat to a minimum.  Too little or too much airflow will greatly impede your results. SuperCloset has the only specially designed cross-ventilation system on the market, and all of our cabinets include an Internal Circulation Fan (See Below). This combination is to ensure that every single plant gets an equal amount of air/CO2 and that plants in the corners grow as fast as the ones in the center.

Internal Circulation Fan

SuperCloset offers the only grow systems with an Internal Circulation Fan, which can be adjusted to match the height of your plants. If nothing else, this feature alone is critical to the quality of your plants. The Internal Circulation Fan also greatly reduces mold and mildew. Once again, SuperCloset realizes that “Airflow is Everything!”

SUPERCLOSET Watering and Grow System

As mentioned before, SuperCloset offers SuperPonic watering systems. They are incredibly easy to use, and are versatile enough to handle HYDRO OR SOIL!! Some of our cabinets have the ability to grow 24 plants from 2 to 4.5 feet tall with our designs, which is unmatched in the hydroponics industry. Each system is fully automated, including pumps and timers, and easily adjustable, depending on your plants’ watering needs. Once you become more experienced with growing and understand the different types and designs you can convert your SuperCloset to any watering system you would like! While our competitors use systems that only let you grow a certain amount of plants (and only use the unreliable NFT drip type of watering system).  SuperCloset cabinets also allow you the freedom to determine how many plants you’d like to grow. The smaller the plant, the more of them you can have in the system!

Amazing Cabinet Quality and Appearance

Simplicity is a major motivator for us, and as you can see, all SuperCloset grow boxes look just like high end office, garage, or entertainment storage cabinets! Our systems are made of top of the line, high density constructed steel, powder coated black, and come with reinforced lock and key. They are also fully insulated and completely light-sealed! Everyone loves how our cabinets look great and fit in any environment. Bedroom to boardroom, basements to balconies, they are truly a nice piece of furniture and will most likely be your favorite!

Net Trellis

Another added feature is that most SuperCloset Grow Boxes and Grow rooms come with an adjustable Net Trellis. This netting is extremely important to any growing area as it allows you to tie your plants down for added stability and growth.  They assist in increasing density, yield, and proper plant spacing. The Net Trellis can even be raised and lowered depending on the height of your plants! All successful growers use a Net Trellis!

Carbon Filter, CO2

All SuperCloset Grow Boxes and Grow Rooms include an Industrial Grade Air Filter. These are installed to purify the air and eliminate any unwanted odors. The Ffters are easy to clean and easy to replace, which we recommend doing every 18 months or so.

CO2 can increase your growth and production by up to 30%! While we certainly recommend using this amazing addition, SuperCloset systems are the ONLY grow boxes and grow rooms on the market where CO2 isn’t REQUIRED in order for you to grow healthy plants. If you choose to supplement with CO2, we offer a regulation and automation kit that works with any standard tank and integrates quickly and easily with any of our systems.

Adaptable and Quality Lights

SuperCloset utilities only the best High Quality, Full Spectrum, Top of the Line bulbs, and we are the only company to use a 150wHPS, 250wHPS, 400wHPS, 600wHPS, or 1000wHPS lamps in our grow boxes and grow rooms. Most of our products have lighting systems that are completely height adjustable, meaning you can set the light as close to the plants as possible creating bigger and faster yields. Heat dissipation is also optimized for increased transpiration, photosynthesis, plant vibration, stem diameter, and all around healthier plants.  In addition, we have partnered with Lumatek, creators of the world’s top dimmable and digital ballasts.  Having a dimmable ballast gives you the ability to dim your light’s wattage to the appropriate output for every stage of growth and minimizes energy waste.  Want to give your plants a real treat?  Kick your ballast up to the exclusive “Super Lumen” setting, and you’ll definitely reap the reward for pampering your plants.

If you already own a light, you can easily adapt it into the system and reduce your cost (check with us prior to installing your own light).

Low Maintenance

All SuperCloset Grow Boxes and Grow Rooms arrive to your doorstep almost completely assembled. Once you plug it in and add water you will be amazed at how easy it is to operate. You will only have to check on your SuperCloset to fill up the reservoir, adjust tie-downs, and mark the overall progress (the fun part!). Happy Growing!!!!!