SuperCloset’s Complete Indoor Grow Systems Now Featuring Smart Controls

Smart Grow Systems

The addition of Smart technology gives home growers more complete control of their grow than ever before

SANTA ROSA, April 15th, 2019 — Award-Winning California hydroponics manufacturer SuperCloset has revamped their lineup of indoor grow cabinets and indoor grow rooms, adding Smart technology to enable indoor gardeners to add a new level of automation to the grow process.

SuperCloset is the leading manufacturer in the hydroponics industry and a 13-time winner of the highly coveted High Times STASH Award (Significant Technological Achievements in Secretive Horticulture) since being founded in a San Francisco garage in 2002. SuperCloset’s indoor grow cabinets have long been the best-selling turnkey solution for indoor gardening, thanks to a balance of compact size, high yields, discreet style, and tremendous versatility.

SuperCloset’s stealth grow cabinets are constructed of 24-Gauge “Infra-Cool” powder-coated steel, feature triple-locking doors, and are loaded with every component needed to start growing immediately. By partnering with award-winning companies like Kind LED Grow Lights, Gorilla Grow Tent, and Lotus Nutrients, SuperCloset offers all-in-one solutions ideal for both novice and experienced home-growers. Their SuperPonics line of hydroponic equipment combines a variety of hydroponic growing methods to grow plants 2-5x faster and larger than traditional methods. All complete systems include a 1-Month Warranty and free lifetime Grow Support from SuperCloset’s team of growers.

The addition of Smart technology gives home growers more complete control of their grow than ever before. By simply downloading an app, growers can control their grow light schedule and water pump timer from any smartphone or tablet. An optional WiFi GrowCam upgrade enables the grower to check on their plants and growing environment from anywhere in the world.

“We’re very excited to add Smart components to our SuperCloset lineup,” said SuperCloset
COO Nick Schweitzer. “We’ve been innovators for nearly two decades, and automation has always been a key feature of our indoor grow systems. With the jump into Smart Technology, we are now able to give growers complete control of their watering schedule and light timers from the comfort of the couch. It’s just one more way we can make indoor gardening more convenient and accessible for growers of literally any skill level.”

All complete SuperCloset systems now include Smart technology at no additional charge, and a WiFi Grow Cam will be included with every indoor grow cabinet and grow room until the end of May, 2019.

About SuperCloset:

Founded in San Francisco in 2002, SuperCloset has quickly become the industry leader within the hydroponic and indoor gardening community. SuperCloset products are designed for both novice and experienced growers, and all systems come with a 1-Month Warranty and lifetime support from SuperCloset’s staff of indoor gardening experts.